Referenzen ist Schwedens größtes Online-Archiv für Rechtsbücher, das über Jahrzehnte gesammelt wurde. Der Benutzer kann mit Hilfe verschiedener Filteroptionen einschließlich bestimmter Schlüsselwörter Millionen von Qualitätsdokumenten der Regierung suchen und herunterladen.

Customised online search engine for legal documents

We trust LiteBreeze with all our web development project work in Siren and Acta Publica. The team developed the archive service for Acta Publica which all media companies in Sweden rely daily. We are excited about ongoing projects for Siren and recommend LiteBreeze for their AWS expertise as well. - Martin Fredriksson (Stockholm, Sweden)

Smart delivery is a SaaS application which intelligently plans and optimizes daily delivery lists and routes of delivery firms. The smart delivery system is a complete package which includes the online route planning web application for site admin as well as an iPhone / android app for the drivers.

LiteBreeze completed our customized mobile app project as per our expectations. They are talented developers with an in-depth expertise in software development along with European work-standards. I recommend LiteBreeze if you are looking for a high-quality and trustworthy development partner. - Ferat Korkmaz (Stockholm, Sweden) ist einer der größten Anbieter von lizenzfreier Musik in den Vereinigten Staaten. Zu ihren Kunden zählen Fox, Time Warner, HBO und andere Unternehmen in den Bereichen Fernsehen, Film, Werbung und Apps. beherbergt eine umfangreiche Datenbank mit Musik von großen Komponisten weltweit, sowie eine Vielzahl von Genres.

Module to implement playlist features and metadata generation

When we started our contract, I had concerns about hiring an international, remote team. I feared we would have issues communicating and poor code quality. None of these fears came true! Thanks, LiteBreeze! - Ryan Allen (Greater Seattle Area, USA)

Siren is a highly customized Swedish news and content management system. It is used to create, manage and distribute tailored, quality-assured news articles to beneficiaries across Sweden via a news portal. LiteBreeze built this highly scalable website using the Laravel framework.

Editorial portal for a Swedish news agency

We trust LiteBreeze with all our web development work in Siren and Acta Publica. They developed the archive service for Acta Publica which all Swedish media firms rely on daily. We are excited about ongoing work and recommend LiteBreeze for their AWS expertise. - Martin Fredriksson (Stockholm, Sweden)

Funcruises ist ein schwedischer Eventplaner und Reiseveranstalter. Sie sind auf Kreuzfahrten für Studenten und andere Zielgruppen spezialisiert. LiteBreeze entwickelt seit 2009 ihr CRM, ihr Buchungsmanagementsystem und ihre Webseite. Die neueste Version der Anwendung war eine Framework-basierte Überarbeitung.

CRM Booking System for Event Planner

Unsere Website und Firmenanwendung ist eine äußerst individuelle PHP-Lösung, an der wir mit Litebreeze seit 2010 gearbeitet haben. Wir waren mit dem Service von LiteBreeze sehr glücklich und fühlen, wie sich Service und technische Fähigkeiten ständig bewähren. Wir möchten LiteBreeze denen sehr empfehlen, die einen guten Service und ein reaktionsfreudiges Team an Programmierern brauchen. - Martin Wengström (Sandviken, Sweden)

GuessMyLife is a social guessing game, developed for an award-winning Swedish author. It was designed to entice users to register and spend time on the website. It was developed as a cloud-native distributed system on a serverless architecture, using Go, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway and AWS SNS among others.

A social game using serverless architecture on AWS cloud

Working with LiteBreeze was wonderful. Their technical competence and valuable inputs improved my ideas and the project. They are more of a responsible development partner rather than just a software team. I happily recommend LiteBreeze! - Stefan Ekberg (Stockholm, Sweden)

Memlin is one of the pioneers to offer effective and user-friendly event management solutions. This cloud-based platform allows events such as meetings, educational courses, surveys, seminars, etc to be easily set up and managed. This secure application was built using the Laravel framework.

Custom event management system for a Swedish firm

It was great to work with LiteBreeze. They collaborated well with our Swedish team. They are a responsible and trustworthy development partner! - Christian Ramel (Lund, Sweden) is a Swedish portal that is built to deliver a smooth experience for potential users who want to sell/lease/hire equipment for construction, excavation, and goods carriage. LiteBreeze built this application using Laravel, VueJS, and AWS.

Swedish classifieds platform for heavy machinery

"I approached LiteBreeze to build an online advertisement portal. I am amazed by their professionalism. All their developers are highly professional and they implemented cost-effective solutions and helped launch my website in time. I plan to work with LiteBreeze in my future projects as well." - Samuel Lundberg (Västra Götaland, Sweden)

Our client is a leading provider of financial market solutions in Europe. Financial professionals like traders, banks, and companies interested in European markets rely on our client to provide global real-time market data, trading, news, and other related information. 

AvaKoenen ist eine niederländische Baufirma. Die Programmierer von Litebreeze entwickelten eine Webplattform, die alle täglichen Geschäftsaktivitäten von AvoKoenen abwickelt. Die Anwendung ermöglicht die Verwaltung von Arbeitsaufträgen, Rechnungen, Audits, Berichten und Finanzanalysen, um die Anforderungen des Managements zu erfüllen.

Custom ERP and invoicing system for Dutch construction company

I trust the team at LiteBreeze. What I thought would be most challenging before getting started, was how to establish a smooth business relationship with a company that is 7000 km away from home. But I must say, the Litebreeze staff knows how to build rapport. - Wim Koopmanschap (Amstelveen, The Netherlands)

MyItems is a distinctive hybrid app that acts as a management tool for items owned by a private user. It is designed to securely organize the essential details of all items, from vehicles and buildings to household equipment and gadgets. This app is built with Ionic in the secure AWS cloud.

Hybrid mobile app based on Golang

"I am impressed by LiteBreeze, the professional way in which they handle the project communication. They understand the system and always provide solutions. I will continue working with LiteBreeze experts for further development." - Morten Skurdal (Oslo, Norway)

A Swedish company required a customized solution to provide shipping and moving services. Companies can use this platform to fulfill their worldwide shipping requirements. This service includes one Laravel based web solution and two Ionic based hybrid mobile apps which will work on both iOS and Android devices.

Roothmarket is a comparison shopping service app for products from multiple online stores. This was developed for a Swedish firm. This data is automatically, periodically gathered from the shopping feed of different stores. This was developed using the CodeIgniter PHP framework and MySQL as the database.

A CSS app for products from multiple online stores

LiteBreeze completed the first phase of our project within the expected time, even with the preponed go-live date. I would wholeheartedly recommend LiteBreeze to people who’re looking for trustworthy outsourcing partners. - Martin Frönmark (Stockholm, Sweden)

LoopHat is a new Swedish survey company that creates and provides immediate feedback loops to firms within various fields. They start off by focusing on niche markets in physical environments, like house cleaning services, empowering the businesses to digitize and enhance the daily work processes. 

Customized feedback loop for a niche Swedish survey firm

In our collaboration with LiteBreeze, I benefit from a culture needed for high-quality deliveries, some to mention: engagement in requirement analysis and solutions, quality assurance with internal coaching, a mindset of transparency with excellent project communication. -

@spire ist eine CRM-Anwendung, die in die Sage50-Buchhaltungssoftware integriert ist. Es enthält wertvolle Tools, die in Sage nicht verfügbar sind, wie z.B. Lagerbestandskontrolle, Verkaufsprognosen, eingehende Analysen usw. @spire und Sage werden nahtlos synchronisiert. @spire ist eine Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) -Lösung.

Kundenspezifisches Cloud-SaaS-CRM-Modul für das Sage 50-Buchhaltungssystem

LiteBreeze hat unsere Business-Software mit einem hervorragenden Service entwickelt und unsere Erwartungen absolut übertroffen. Falls Sie die Erstellung einer komplexen, aber effektiv verwaltbaren Cloud-basierten Geschäftsanwendung planen, kann ich ihnen LiteBreeze wärmstens empfehlen. - Peter Blacklock (Barking, United Kingdom) ist eine globale Materialhandelsplattform für die Recyclingindustrie. Die Materialien können als gebotsfähige Auktionen oder Kleinanzeigen veröffentlicht werden. Käufer können direkt mit Verkäufern in Verbindung treten, um verfügbares Material zu kaufen. Dies wurde unter Verwendung von Laravel 5.4 Framework mit Node.js, und Redis für Echtzeitgebote entwickelt.

A custom platform for real-time auctions in the recycling industry

The LiteBreeze team is very professional and efficient, do not compromise on quality. They understood our requirements well and provided swift deliverables within a short time frame. I would highly recommend LiteBreeze to develop complex projects. - Renaud Clarke (London, UK)

LiteBreeze built a unique lead management system to organize, track, and engage leads. An LMS effectively handles the day-to-day lead management activities resulting in a more focused sales funnel and helps envision the right marketing efforts required to convert leads into clients.

A custom web application was developed for a leading Swedish coaching and educational institution which recently announced a 225 million turn over. This large firm with 550 employees conducts interviews daily to profile potential candidates for acceptance into its niche training programs.

LiteBreeze entwickelte eine komplexe Event- und Marketplace-Website für ein niederländisches Unternehmen, das Laravel und Elasticsearch einsetzt. Die Webseite bietet einen umfangreichen Veranstaltungskalender mit einer detaillierten chronologischen Auflistung von Veranstaltungen und Festivals in der Nähe. Dadurch kann ein Benutzer lokale Veranstaltungen und Festivals in der Nähe suchen und finden.